A Day in Nevada City, Ca

We arrived at our hotel around midnight. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our economy room had two king size beds in separate rooms. Take a look:



We got up early the next morning, had a filling continental breakfast, and we were then off to see Russ. We found him in good spirits, and wheeled him outside for some sun and fresh air.


After spending the morning together, we took Russ’s advice and had lunch at his favorite brew pub:


After lunch we returned, and took in the picturesque landscape of the hospice. It was very tranquil



At the end of the afternoon, we left so Russ could rest. We then went out to visit his wife and see the “man cave” he worked so hard to build this summer. We ended the night back at the pub for one last toast. We will swing by in the morning and say goodbye before we depart.


Sacramento Here I Come!

I flew today for the first time in 38 years. On my way to visit a friend. The trip was 11 hours total to reach our destination. Both flights had wifi, the geek in me couldn’t resist. The weather was great the entire trip, and only a touch of turbulence. I told a friend I would post to the blog and keep him posted. I should have updates and photos tomorrow.

By lostbowyer