I blinked and it’s July!

It seems like it was only yesterday when I was shoveling snow off of my roof. I guess I blinked and missed Spring. Demon kitty doesn’t mind at all. Summer is his domain. Stalking small prey through the grass and forests is his forte. Whether it is a bird, frog, chipmunk, muskrat, or butterfly, his dedication is endless. I on the other hand stand sweating, and gasping for air in this hot humid hell hole called summer while holding his leash. I saw a post today that said to hang on, only 16 weeks till winter.  I’ll be lucky to make the weekend. I am not a summer person, and I say it with sweaty pride!

Of course with the warmer weather comes the parades, bike rides, and races for the never ending list of charities. Being an amateur radio operator aka “ham” I like to help out where I am needed. Sometimes they are uneventful, and other times frantic, but they all need an organized central communications operation to be efficient. Ham radio operators are always glad to lend a hand whether it be a local event, storm spotting or an emergency. They are always ready to lend a hand. I am no different, I keep a couple hand radios charged and ready to go. My accessory bag is packed and ready with spare batteries, antennas, and a safety vest. Each event is different, you never know what to expect. I have been to events where I felt I was unwelcome and unneeded, and to others where I felt appreciated and accomplished something worthwhile. I just started doing parades this year, and so far I find them the most rewarding. Whether I am checking that parade participants are in their correct starting position , or walking the route to make sure all is well, I feel I have contributed.

Of course with the Summer comes the potential for severe weather. Last winter during the storms, I started to provide weather updates through the National Weather Service’s Skywarn program. Though I had not gone through the formal training at that time, I provided hourly updates through several of the winter storms. For those not familiar with Skywarn, it is a voluntary army of storm spotters just like you and me, that provide real time updates during stormy weather. It is a worthwhile program and the formal training is easy. Your participation could contribute to saving lives think about it. I am formally trained now, and I have my Smart electric car equipped with a dual band radio, a lightning detector and wind meter ready to spot when and where needed.

I have lots to do before winter, there is still snow damage that needs to be repaired, and some winterizing to tighten things up before the first snow falls, but I can’t wait for the first frost.

Maybe if I blink again…

By lostbowyer