Autumn Ramblings

It has taken far too long for my likings, but I think summer is finally behind us. Time to turn my attentions to those projects I have put off until colder weather. I made my annual pilgrimage to the local renfaire yesterday, but came home in time to clean the chimney. If the weather holds out for a while, I can catch up on a lot of outdoor projects in preparation of winter.

The 4th book on the Keya Quests series is out to beta readers. I have told myself that I will take a writing break after this book is published. Already, I am having writing withdrawals and the book hasn’t made it to press. This should be interesting. I have another book already in my mind for the Keya Quests series, and I have been toying with a scifi thriller. We will see.

I passed up a great par slice of acapulcoite the other day. I have been looking for one for years. Unfortunately, now is not the time to add to the meteorite collection. I have been neglecting the meteorites lately, hopefully I’ll have more time soon.

The colors of the leaves have not been as good this year around here. I blame the extended heat and the long humidity. Color or no color though, they still have to be raked up.

By lostbowyer