For most of my life I have written in one form or another.  I regularly wrote newsletter articles for many of the numerous clubs I have belonged to over the years. In 2005 I started a new job with a long commute. My mind whiled away the time creating stories. Some were about invading aliens, others about knights in shining armor, and still more were about action and adventure. Over time, a tiny voice in the back of my head kept directing me towards an old man and a young fairy. The two characters changed quite a bit during those long commutes, but eventually they grew into a story. I found myself convinced I had to try to write this novel. Not believing I would succeed, I found a writing program that made it easy for me to put my rambling to print, keep track of the notes and reorganize everything as I go. The software is called WriteitNow by Ravenshead Services.Armed with the software I spent weeks creating the main characters and their surrounds. When it was all in place I began to write. The words flowed from my fingers and before I knew it The Keya Quests: Three Souls Destiny-Bound was born. The first four books are published in the Keya Quests series. Book number five is scheduled for winter of 2014 or spring 2015. Here is some information on my books. Visit the Keya Quests website to learn more about the series.

The Keya Quests: Three Souls Destiny-Bound

Wolves at her heels and the breath of her enemy hot on her neck, the brave young Keya opens a portal between two worlds and escapes into modern-day America.  She is charged with finding the great warrior who can save her people:  a warrior who carries a cursed sword of incredible power.  She is strong and pure of heart, a warrior in her own right – but this is a quest she cannot complete without help.

Keya is saved and taken in by Orren and his niece Julie, who redefine the concept of a dysfunctional family.  Despite their spats and quarrels, Keya begins to feel at home for the first time in her life … while remaining painfully aware that she cannot stay despite the deep attachments she is forming, for her destiny must be fulfilled.

With the courage of a soldier and the heart of an innocent child, Keya gradually enlists those around her in her cause … but will the fierce and stony Orren stand against her?  Follow an unforgettable heroine through this vivid story of friendship, loyalty, and tragedy culminating in a massive battle in which evil must conquer evil so that good may prevail.

The Keya Quests: The Battle for Shivenridge

With destiny on her side and supernatural forces unleashed that she never could have imagined, Keya has triumphed: she has found the warrior of legend who will save her people from the evil Lord Randar. But she finds that her epic quest has only begun — now they must free the people of Shivenridge. Keya’s army charges through the portal and races into the raging battle below.

But is Shivenridge ready to accept what Keya brings? Years of war and hardship have fostered suspicion, and the people have mixed feelings about the legendary Black Sword and the warrior who wields it. New friends, old enemies, betrayals, and dreams of destruction abound. Keya must come to terms with a psychic’s prediction, and an ancient book that holds the key. A curse must be broken, and there is a secret to be revealed. Keya’s life has been drastically changed, giving her new resources of personal power and emotional strength, but she still struggles with doubts and fears that may be her demise.

As Keya and her companions embrace the elation and frustration of adjusting to their new roles in Shivenridge, the portal between the worlds remains ready to be used…or misused. There are friends waiting to join Keya in her quest, but Lord Randar’s legacy of evil lives on in his lieutenant, who shares Randar’s lust for power and revenge. Join us now in the next adventure with a uniquely endearing heroine whose impulsiveness, courage, integrity, and innocence combine to make her both deeply human and immensely powerful. Will her gifts allow her to overcome the odds again? Or will the price of freedom for Shivenridge prove to be too high?