The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia has Published, What a Difference a Week Can Make.

Wow, it was just 6 days ago that I posted I was back on track for a summer release for the Staff of Dionysia, but little did I realize that release would be only 6 days away. Yesterday afternoon, I formally published the book in 6 x 9 paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. The paperback and Kindle editions are already available on Amazon, and my new “e-store” on the Keya Quests’s library page. I couldn’t have brought this book to print without the help of my fantastic copy editor, Neal Hock ( and my brilliant and talented cover designer, Robin Ludwig ( If you are ever in the need of copy-edit or cover design services, I highly recommend them both.

A thank you to all my fans who have patiently waited for this book to release. Now on to book 4, The Curse of the Black Sword

The Paperback can be purchased from Amazon using this link

The Kindle Edition can be purchased from Amazon using this link

By lostbowyer

The Staff of Dionysia is Back on Track for Summer Release

I took a chance and submitted the third book in the Keya Quests series to a new publisher, but after 6 weeks of waiting their staff had not reviewed it. Knowing I would miss my promised summer release, I thanked them for their consideration and chose to move on myself. I am going to try CreateSpace for this book, it should be interesting, unfortunately, I won’t have a hardback edition as they do not offer the option.

The interior formatting of the book is complete. I am waiting on my cover designer to work her magic. The epub edition is ready and I am doing the final check today on the mobi edition. I will hold the release of the electronic edition until I have a better time frame on the paperback edition’s release.

By lostbowyer