Technology, Free Time, and the Geek Within

At my day job, I am frequently in conferences, training, or screen sharing sessions with customers using web conferencing services. Sometimes they work, other times not so much. The other day I had some free time so I was surfing the different services comparing features. On Cisco’s Webex site I noticed they offered a free subscription. You can have up to three connections per session. Glancing to the side bar I saw they also had apple and android apps. That was all the inner geek needed to see. Next thing I knew, I was holding a web meeting from my laptop. My muse the fairy, was connected to the meeting from my ipad, and the inner geek was connected through my cell phone. We had a very productive meeting and even streamed some video entertainment. Webex performed flawlessly on all three devices, and we even decided on what to have for dinner.

Technology has come so far, who would have thought a mere 10 years ago, that one could hold meetings with the voices in their mind so easily. By the end of our first web meeting, the inner geek was satisfied, and technology triumphed. Now, anytime I have a problem to solve, I simple send out a meeting request and hash it out. My wife claims I have way too much free time. She doesn’t understand, that there can never be enough time to keep up with the technology.