October Insanity

The summer is gone with a blink and we are well on our way toward winter. The month of October has been hectic. I have engaged in three public service events this month. One bicycle race, a regatta, and a half marathon. Renfaire season is almost over and I haven’t made it down yet. This upcoming weekend is my last chance and it doesn’t look promising.

My ISP at the observatory last week took my static IP addresses and changed them without notice. This broke every server, website, email account and router. It was three hours down before I was able to determine the static IP addresses changed. The ISP first then tried to tell me I never had them even though I I’ve had for the past 15 years. A week has now passed, several sites are still down and I am migrating my sites external so this will never happen again. It has been a crazy month.

The weather section of this site is currently broken because of the changes. I will have it back online soon.

By lostbowyer