The Cover Art for The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia

The Keya Quests: The staff of Dionysia

Here is the sneak peek of the cover art for book three in the Keya Quest Series. “The Staff of Dionysia”

My cover designer is the very talented Robin of Covers by Robin

By lostbowyer

The curse of Astronomy. aka Cloud Watching

The local astronomy club has a star party scheduled for tonight in Stow. As one of those who must determine if we are a go or no go depending upon the weather, I sit unproductively and stare at the sky. the beautiful blue skies that led great promise for tonight have all but vanished. above me is a band of grey approaching from the south. As we draw closer to the time to make a decision. It is impossible to know for sure if this grey will remain or clear in time for tonight. We have had days where we cancelled only to have the sky clear later. unfortunately, people need to know before the last-minute so it is a tough decision.

Perhaps if next time we call it a cloud watch the skies will be clear and bright. But until then, I’ll keep watching the sky and wait…

By lostbowyer

Blog Tour de Troops was a Success

I had a great turnout this past weekend for the Indie Book Collective’s Blog Tour de Troops. At last count (a few late stragglers are still posting) I have raised 129 sets of my books for the troops and another 120 sets of books for the kind commenters who took the time to support our troops.

A special thanks to all who participated and to the Indie Book Collective for their efforts!

By lostbowyer

Welcome to my personal blog

Greetings, I am Glenn Skinner, software engineer, astronomer, author and family man (order not withstanding) I have decided to use this site to organize the scattered fragments that are my life. Stop by often or leave me comment.

By lostbowyer