Spring is Finally Here, It Must be Time for the North East Astronomy Forum

Winter has finally released its grip and spring is slowly working its way in. This of course means it must be time for the holy pilgrimage to Suffern New York to see the 23rd Annual North East Astronomy Forum. For those not into amateur astronomy, The Rockland Astronomy club hosts the largest astronomy forum in the east coast, if not the entire united states. Over a hundred vendors bring their latest wares for display and sale. Top speakers from all over the world come to give talks over the two day event. Thousands of amateur astronomers attend each year.
I have been going for more years than I can remember. I have found old pamphlets back to their 8th year and I know that year was not my first. Several people from the local astronomy club attend, and we catch up with each other at the forum. A good time is had by all. Some years we may have shopping lists for new toys and treasures, other years we go just for the talks. This year I have no shopping list. However, the glitter of shiny optics is very alluring, one can never be sure. If you are one of the people going this year, I will see you there. If you have never heard of the forum before, check out their website:

(If you look carefully at their banner, you will find me standing tall at the head of the forum)

By lostbowyer