Sacramento Here I Come!

I flew today for the first time in 38 years. On my way to visit a friend. The trip was 11 hours total to reach our destination. Both flights had wifi, the geek in me couldn’t resist. The weather was great the entire trip, and only a touch of turbulence. I told a friend I would post to the blog and keep him posted. I should have updates and photos tomorrow.

By lostbowyer

Technology, Free Time, and the Geek Within

At my day job, I am frequently in conferences, training, or screen sharing sessions with customers using web conferencing services. Sometimes they work, other times not so much. The other day I had some free time so I was surfing the different services comparing features. On Cisco’s Webex site I noticed they offered a free subscription. You can have up to three connections per session. Glancing to the side bar I saw they also had apple and android apps. That was all the inner geek needed to see. Next thing I knew, I was holding a web meeting from my laptop. My muse the fairy, was connected to the meeting from my ipad, and the inner geek was connected through my cell phone. We had a very productive meeting and even streamed some video entertainment. Webex performed flawlessly on all three devices, and we even decided on what to have for dinner.

Technology has come so far, who would have thought a mere 10 years ago, that one could hold meetings with the voices in their mind so easily. By the end of our first web meeting, the inner geek was satisfied, and technology triumphed. Now, anytime I have a problem to solve, I simple send out a meeting request and hash it out. My wife claims I have way too much free time. She doesn’t understand, that there can never be enough time to keep up with the technology.

Autumn, Renfaires, Hypocrits, and Karma

I thought it would never come, but autumn is finally here and the air is beginning to dry out. I am not a summer person, give me blistering cold and I am happy in my element. I like autumns in New England. The air dries out, the foliage changes and the weather is bearable. Autumn is also the time for the local renfaire. There is nothing better than watching knights joust on horseback while munching on a roasted turkey leg. sadly though, the “turkey” legs appear to be ham, not turkey. While not the same, it is tasty all the same. How I long for the days when men were men and turkey legs came from turkeys, ah…

Along with autumn comes a flurry of bicyclists out and about enjoying the season. Which leads me to an incident I observed the other day. While on my way to the office, I was following this minivan. The back of the van was covered in stickers reminding people to look twice for motorcyclists, Look again, save a life. We’ve all seen these stickers, they are a reminder to stay vigil and remain observant. As we approached the crossing of a local bike path, I was surprised when said minivan not only failed to yield to a crossing bicyclist, they swerved into the opposite lane and cut the biker completely off and forced an approaching car to stop to avoid an accident. I couldn’t help but think what a hypocrite this driver was, motorcyclists must be saved, but bicyclists are fair game? My thoughts were interrupted though, when the minivan suddenly stopped next to the on coming car and the bike rider rode around in front of the minivan. On closer examination, I realized the bicyclist was a police officer patrolling the bike path and the oncoming car was an unmarked police cruiser driven by a now justifiably angry policeman I sat stopped behind the minivan with a smile as the nice policeman read the riot act to the hypocritical driver. It was at that moment I knew karma exists, and I had just witnessed it in all of its glory.

Blessed be to karma…

Where Has the Year Gone By?

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I last posted on my own site. I blinked and the year is practically over. This past weekend the Renfaire in Carver opened, unfortunately, work prevented me from attending opening ceremonies. Last years schedule between work and my writing, wore me out. I Took a writing hiatus this spring which extended through most of the summer. I am back writing again, I just finished a Keya Quests short story that i will make available for free to my readers, while they impatiently await book 5 “The Coronation”.

I took a fall back in February resulting in a shoulder injury. It slowly is getting better, but I’m waiting to see if the nerve damage is permanent, or if it will heal. On a brighter note, I have lost 49 lbs since the beginning of the year. A tend I would like to see continue.

I have a new writing assistant, his name is Teddy, a devon rex kitten born in May. While his name sounds innocent, I thing “Demon Kitty” is a better representation. It has been a couple of decades since I’ve owned a cat, this should be interesting. Not much has happened this year except y turn to the dark side. I am now officially an ipad and Mac owner (shudder). My decision to turn to the dark side was driven solely by my desire to publish on itunes. By the beginning of November, the entire Keya Quest series should be available through the ibookstore.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy year, peace.

By lostbowyer

Ides of 2012? AKA What’s Going to Break Next, & Happy Holidays

Every few years I run into one of those spells where everything seems to break or go wrong. 2012 looks to be one of those years here at the observatory. Back in the spring, a spam worm infected the operating system on the mail server. The infection is so widespread, I was forced to shutdown the server and lock down the firewall, to prevent the worm from spreading. So far, all attempts to purge it have failed. A wipe of the OS will be required to clean it out, however, the mail server is also the weather server which, at this point in time, I cannot rebuild. So in the mean while, I migrated primary mail accounts to third party servers.

This July, the local forecasts on the website stopped working due to changes in feed from the data source. A quick trip to the software vendor’s website for a fix ended in a discovery that the vendor has dropped support for the software, and deleted the support forum that was comprised of users who would be able to independently correct the issue. It took a while, but I found the new support forum that has since been created and obtained the resolution. By this time, however, the external humidity sensor has now failed. The backup sensor, surprise, surprise, was defective. An attempt to purchase a replacement let to a realization that this product too is now discontinued. A new weather station will be necessary.

In the office at the observatory, I burn liquid ethanol for supplemental heat. It works very well. I was delighted to find a new source for the ethanol at a considerable savings in 5 gallon cans. After purchasing 10 gallons however, I quickly discovered, the alcohol when burned is giving off a gas that is corrosive to steel. The swords hanging on the walls of the office rusted solid within hours of exposure. It comes back to the old saying, you get what you pay for 🙂

There have been other incidents through out the year of which I won’t bore further with details. I hope my cash offerings have appeased the demons that have brought for this havoc. For now I will sit quietly and hope this storm has passed.

Happy Holidays everyone!

By lostbowyer

Autumn Ramblings

It has taken far too long for my likings, but I think summer is finally behind us. Time to turn my attentions to those projects I have put off until colder weather. I made my annual pilgrimage to the local renfaire yesterday, but came home in time to clean the chimney. If the weather holds out for a while, I can catch up on a lot of outdoor projects in preparation of winter.

The 4th book on the Keya Quests series is out to beta readers. I have told myself that I will take a writing break after this book is published. Already, I am having writing withdrawals and the book hasn’t made it to press. This should be interesting. I have another book already in my mind for the Keya Quests series, and I have been toying with a scifi thriller. We will see.

I passed up a great par slice of acapulcoite the other day. I have been looking for one for years. Unfortunately, now is not the time to add to the meteorite collection. I have been neglecting the meteorites lately, hopefully I’ll have more time soon.

The colors of the leaves have not been as good this year around here. I blame the extended heat and the long humidity. Color or no color though, they still have to be raked up.

By lostbowyer

What Happened to July, and Faire Seaon is Almost Upon Us

I blinked today and realized that summer is almost over, Yay! Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am not a summer person. While millions of people are out soaking in the sun, and hitting the beaches. I remain huddled in a dark air-conditioned sanctuary waiting impatiently for the signs of my salvation, the autumn leaves. Driving home the other night, I heard a commercial for the King Richard’s Faire. The faire is a local renfaire that starts labor day weekend and runs eight consecutive weeks. This faire is like a second home, a place to relax and forget the hassle of everyday life, and step back to a simpler time. I was surprised to hear the commercial as it seemed like just yesterday, it was only June.

Looking back over the past weeks, I have to say my time was split between work, and my writing. I set an ambitious goal this year to publish two books in the Keya Quests series, and rewriting the first, to add story line changes I wanted to introduce in the fourth book. Some may say this is not a difficult goal, but my other commitments do not leave a lot of time to write. While I have progressed well in my goal (Book three published, 2nd edition book one rewritten and published) I fear I am going to miss my target for the fourth book. I am not going to make excuses, leave it to say destiny sometimes has other plans. The fourth book is well along, I broke the 110k word count the other night. There is probably another two and a half weeks to go before the first draft is finish. This will not leave much time for editing, beta readers and final editing. My target of Christmas is fading fast. I have not given up, but it does not look good.

As I said earlier, the renfaire is returning, it’s time to break out the mead, and catch up with old friends. I look forward to seeing them once again. With luck, the weather will co-operate and provide a cool sunny day. My grandchildren are already talking about the faire, they too have been captured by its romanticism. Then again, having taken my eldest granddaughter to the faire when she was but a week old, in full costume might have left a slight imprint. Whatever the case, I look forward to yet another faire.

By lostbowyer

Another Month, Another Nail in a Tire.

Hmm, shouldn’t that be another month, another nail in the coffin? The month of June has flown by. The book trailer for The Staff Of Dionysia is now online at the Keya Quests website. The website has been redesigned to better align with my author page of Facebook. I’m posting from my favorite Midas Shop while I wait for an oil change, and a patch for yet another nail in a tire. A nail in the tire has become a regular event. I wonder who I pissed off 🙂 .  Actually, I blame the nails on zombie gnomes that roams the parking lot outside of the observatory. Never trust a zombie gnome.
It’s only two weeks until Readercon in Burlington, Ma. I hope to see a few friends and fans while I am there. It should be a good time and I could use a couple days off. I’m waiting on the edits for the rewrite of Three Souls Destiny-Bound. Should have them by mid July. I am shooting for an early August release.
The curse of the Black Sword is progressing well. I’m not where I would like to be, but it is moving along. I should catch up soon.
I just found out it’s a roofing nail this time, sigh! It will only be another twenty minutes to fix it. At least they have wi-fi and AC in the waiting room. On a good not,e the brakes, filters and exhaust are fine. Oh, and they filled my wiper fluid small victory!

By lostbowyer

Time to Settle Back in to the Writing Grind

Today’s My Anniversary so I will start with a Happy Anniversary dear! 36 years and still going.

Still waiting on the book trailer video for The Staff of Dionysia. Other than that, everything else is settled. Time to get serious with book four The Curse of the Black Sword. Spent most of the weekend researching medical conditions for this book. This book unlike the prior three, jumps ahead six months in time. I won’t let out any spoilers but a lot will happen in this book. I moved the manuscript to my main laptop yesterday and updated the dictionaries. I wrote another thousand words setting the first of the sub plots into motion. Still on target for a November/December release, but a lot can happen between now and then.

By lostbowyer

The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia has Published, What a Difference a Week Can Make.

Wow, it was just 6 days ago that I posted I was back on track for a summer release for the Staff of Dionysia, but little did I realize that release would be only 6 days away. Yesterday afternoon, I formally published the book in 6 x 9 paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. The paperback and Kindle editions are already available on Amazon, and my new “e-store” on the Keya Quests’s library page. I couldn’t have brought this book to print without the help of my fantastic copy editor, Neal Hock ( and my brilliant and talented cover designer, Robin Ludwig ( If you are ever in the need of copy-edit or cover design services, I highly recommend them both.

A thank you to all my fans who have patiently waited for this book to release. Now on to book 4, The Curse of the Black Sword

The Paperback can be purchased from Amazon using this link

The Kindle Edition can be purchased from Amazon using this link

By lostbowyer