That Would Be “General Booger” To You.

Well I passed the 3rd element exam on Saturday. I now officially have a general class amateur radio license. Just call me KC1BGR/AG “General Booger”. I am slowly setting up my radio equipment. There is still too much snow to get up on the roof to put up an antenna, and the ground is still frozen, so I can’t put up the HF antenna. For now it’s the 2 meter J Pole across the table. Maybe I can find a beam to tie the antenna to until the weather is better. If I leave it on the table, I fear demon kitty is going to be cooked medium rare as he likes to leap on and chew the antenna randomly while I am using the radio.
In true zombie apocalypse style, my radio is mounted in a “go kit” a small compact mini rack case made by Iportable ( The case is light and rugged, but too small to hold a battery or accessories. I am leaning toward building a second case to hold my meters, rigrunner, and batteries. When the apocalypse comes, I’ll be ready to bug out. A go kit in each hand, my survival pack, and demon kitty across my back.

Where did I leave my iodine tablets…


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