♫ Another Year older and Deeper in Debt ♫

So, another birthday has come and passed. Time flies when you’re having fun. With the start of another year comes a new hobby and new source of debt. So many goodies and gadgets. The spending possibilities are endless. I have come to the conclusion that my true hobby is collecting hobbies. Over the years, I have collected stamps, and coins. I have been (and still are) a writer, amateur astronomer, archer, ham radio operator, fisherman, hunter, meteorite collector, longbow maker, re-enactor,  woodworker, moped dealer, pet shop owner, bee keeper, painter, metal sculptor, computer nerd, photographer, and duck herder to name a few. Enough adventures for several life times. Some memories are from so long ago, it feels more like a past life.

There is an unexplainable sense of adventure collecting hobbies. You can never have too many, just not enough time to go around. For 2014, my next hobby is going to be no hobby, so I can find enough time to go through my current collection and pay off the prior ones. Perhaps I’ll even find time to play a tune on the old reed organ (restoring reed organs, yup, another hobby) and play with my demon kitty.

Cheers to birthdays past, and those to come… and debt eternal…

By lostbowyer

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