KC1BGR Just Call Me “Booger”

It’s nice to know the gods have a sense of humor. I got my ham radio call sign the other day KC1BGR. Every time I look at it, all I can think of is BGR=booger, and so it seems do most of the people I have given my call sign to. Well, never let it be said, I can’t be the brunt of a good laugh, so “booger” it is!
I think I need one of those lighted on the air signs. “Booger is ON THE AIR” hehehe

Well, I’m starting to put my radio shack slowly together. I assembled my dual band J pole over the weekend, now I have to figure out where to put it. My first Ham flea Market “treasure”, the mirage dual band amplifier, turned into a bust. It doesn’t work. It’s off to the manufacturer for repairs. I think I will bring a battery and radio with me next time to test before I buy.

My current plan is to be ready to take the general license exam in mid March. Once I have that license, I can take a shot at talking with a friend down in Maryland. It will be fun trying.

The astro club will be hosting a star watch at the school in Harvard tonight. Time to dust off my 12″ “grab and go” and setup in the freezing cold and inspire young minds. While one would not think it so, we have had our largest turnouts on the coldest of nights. One would think no one wants to come out in the cold and stand around looking through scopes, but they do. It should be a good turnout.

By lostbowyer

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