Autumn, Renfaires, Hypocrits, and Karma

I thought it would never come, but autumn is finally here and the air is beginning to dry out. I am not a summer person, give me blistering cold and I am happy in my element. I like autumns in New England. The air dries out, the foliage changes and the weather is bearable. Autumn is also the time for the local renfaire. There is nothing better than watching knights joust on horseback while munching on a roasted turkey leg. sadly though, the “turkey” legs appear to be ham, not turkey. While not the same, it is tasty all the same. How I long for the days when men were men and turkey legs came from turkeys, ah…

Along with autumn comes a flurry of bicyclists out and about enjoying the season. Which leads me to an incident I observed the other day. While on my way to the office, I was following this minivan. The back of the van was covered in stickers reminding people to look twice for motorcyclists, Look again, save a life. We’ve all seen these stickers, they are a reminder to stay vigil and remain observant. As we approached the crossing of a local bike path, I was surprised when said minivan not only failed to yield to a crossing bicyclist, they swerved into the opposite lane and cut the biker completely off and forced an approaching car to stop to avoid an accident. I couldn’t help but think what a hypocrite this driver was, motorcyclists must be saved, but bicyclists are fair game? My thoughts were interrupted though, when the minivan suddenly stopped next to the on coming car and the bike rider rode around in front of the minivan. On closer examination, I realized the bicyclist was a police officer patrolling the bike path and the oncoming car was an unmarked police cruiser driven by a now justifiably angry policeman I sat stopped behind the minivan with a smile as the nice policeman read the riot act to the hypocritical driver. It was at that moment I knew karma exists, and I had just witnessed it in all of its glory.

Blessed be to karma…

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