Where Has the Year Gone By?

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 9 months since I last posted on my own site. I blinked and the year is practically over. This past weekend the Renfaire in Carver opened, unfortunately, work prevented me from attending opening ceremonies. Last years schedule between work and my writing, wore me out. I Took a writing hiatus this spring which extended through most of the summer. I am back writing again, I just finished a Keya Quests short story that i will make available for free to my readers, while they impatiently await book 5 “The Coronation”.

I took a fall back in February resulting in a shoulder injury. It slowly is getting better, but I’m waiting to see if the nerve damage is permanent, or if it will heal. On a brighter note, I have lost 49 lbs since the beginning of the year. A tend I would like to see continue.

I have a new writing assistant, his name is Teddy, a devon rex kitten born in May. While his name sounds innocent, I thing “Demon Kitty” is a better representation. It has been a couple of decades since I’ve owned a cat, this should be interesting. Not much has happened this year except y turn to the dark side. I am now officially an ipad and Mac owner (shudder). My decision to turn to the dark side was driven solely by my desire to publish on itunes. By the beginning of November, the entire Keya Quest series should be available through the ibookstore.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy year, peace.

By lostbowyer

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