What Happened to July, and Faire Seaon is Almost Upon Us

I blinked today and realized that summer is almost over, Yay! Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am not a summer person. While millions of people are out soaking in the sun, and hitting the beaches. I remain huddled in a dark air-conditioned sanctuary waiting impatiently for the signs of my salvation, the autumn leaves. Driving home the other night, I heard a commercial for the King Richard’s Faire. The faire is a local renfaire that starts labor day weekend and runs eight consecutive weeks. This faire is like a second home, a place to relax and forget the hassle of everyday life, and step back to a simpler time. I was surprised to hear the commercial as it seemed like just yesterday, it was only June.

Looking back over the past weeks, I have to say my time was split between work, and my writing. I set an ambitious goal this year to publish two books in the Keya Quests series, and rewriting the first, to add story line changes I wanted to introduce in the fourth book. Some may say this is not a difficult goal, but my other commitments do not leave a lot of time to write. While I have progressed well in my goal (Book three published, 2nd edition book one rewritten and published) I fear I am going to miss my target for the fourth book. I am not going to make excuses, leave it to say destiny sometimes has other plans. The fourth book is well along, I broke the 110k word count the other night. There is probably another two and a half weeks to go before the first draft is finish. This will not leave much time for editing, beta readers and final editing. My target of Christmas is fading fast. I have not given up, but it does not look good.

As I said earlier, the renfaire is returning, it’s time to break out the mead, and catch up with old friends. I look forward to seeing them once again. With luck, the weather will co-operate and provide a cool sunny day. My grandchildren are already talking about the faire, they too have been captured by its romanticism. Then again, having taken my eldest granddaughter to the faire when she was but a week old, in full costume might have left a slight imprint. Whatever the case, I look forward to yet another faire.

By lostbowyer

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