Another Month, Another Nail in a Tire.

Hmm, shouldn’t that be another month, another nail in the coffin? The month of June has flown by. The book trailer for The Staff Of Dionysia is now online at the Keya Quests website. The website has been redesigned to better align with my author page of Facebook. I’m posting from my favorite Midas Shop while I wait for an oil change, and a patch for yet another nail in a tire. A nail in the tire has become a regular event. I wonder who I pissed off 🙂 .  Actually, I blame the nails on zombie gnomes that roams the parking lot outside of the observatory. Never trust a zombie gnome.
It’s only two weeks until Readercon in Burlington, Ma. I hope to see a few friends and fans while I am there. It should be a good time and I could use a couple days off. I’m waiting on the edits for the rewrite of Three Souls Destiny-Bound. Should have them by mid July. I am shooting for an early August release.
The curse of the Black Sword is progressing well. I’m not where I would like to be, but it is moving along. I should catch up soon.
I just found out it’s a roofing nail this time, sigh! It will only be another twenty minutes to fix it. At least they have wi-fi and AC in the waiting room. On a good not,e the brakes, filters and exhaust are fine. Oh, and they filled my wiper fluid small victory!

By lostbowyer

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